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A book is a gift you open again and again.

Curation on Age & Interest

BooksTrail Curates books for your child based on your child's age, reading level and interest.

Doorstep Delivery

The Curated books are packed in uniquely designed bags and swapped with a new set of books for that week at the convinience of your doorstep

Wide Range of Books

BooksTrail will cater to the reading quest of your child with a wide range of Genres, Languages and Authors - Native & Foriegn

What Parents are saying about us

  • When my 7 years old son started showing interest in reading, we were not able to full fill his curiosity with right books and the lockdown made it hard. That’s when we found BooksTrail. This is our second week and already he is waiting eagerly for 3rd week books. Along with my son, my daughter has also started reading books. Thanks to BooksTrail for keeping them tickled and teaching new things.

    Abirami Swaminathan

    Mother of 7 year old Devesh
  • BooksTrail is one great boon for my son. This initiative encourages the reading habit in him and helps develop his language skills. Glad I have chosen BooksTrail for him, saves me time from having to go to the library and saves money in having to own the books -

    Preethi Sheshadri

    Mother of 9 year old Advaith
  • I was looking for a library that would deliver books home, for my 7yo.. Booksstrail not only did that but they helped me with suggestions/recommendations. They cover all three languages which is more convenient. The two-way communication helps me customise his books whenever required. Thanks Booksstrail! Looking forward for more reading!!
  • The pandemic has put us all in a halt and fright to step out for any need. When my daughter wanted newer books to read, we gave her books in digital format and was worried about screen time. In this age of screens, books with cognitive and emotional benefits are the need of the hour. At this point, BOOKS TRAIL came to our rescue. Books at your doorstep was a fantastic and much welcoming initiative amidst the pandemic and have helped my daughter to get back on track. She has developed vocabulary and love towards reading as the books chosen here are according to the kids' reading level. Saanvi has been into this for only a few weeks and has already shown drastic improvement. As parents, we are grateful for the subscription and satisfied as this platform has given access to a variety of books.

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